Strategic communication for fashion

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Strategic communication for fashion

R2 is a 360° communication agency that has the objective to let know and develop your brand.
With more than 15 years of experience in the fashion world and with a portfolio that goes from clothing to beauty, from sport to lifestyle, R2 knows perfectly how to move in order to communicate and promote your company's image.
The strength of R2 is the coordinated strategy of its structure: every project born and grow up with us, beginning from the communication plan studied on your brand, without any kind of external resource.
The Press Office, that day by day take care of relations and contacts with media (magazines, tv, radio and web) and the creative office, that deals with the development of your image throw adv campaigns, are both the R2 soul.
R2 has a 300 mq showroom in the Milan city centre to show your product in the best way, and also give the chance to organize your meetings in our meeting room.

Press Office & PR

The press office is the perfect link between client and media world (television productions, editing house, broadcastings and web).
It promotes your brand image through editorials, spreading press release, proposing analyses and projects of advertising planning on the major magazines of the fashion field and not only.
It organizes and follow special events and press days spreads still life and photo shootings of the collections and take care of public relations of the brand.
The office manage bay by day contacts with the principal editors from international fashion magazines, with the costume designers from the television platforms (Sky, Mediaset, Rai) and the direct manager of web sites, helping them in the supervision and selection of articles of your collection for fashion editing, promotions and fictions..

Photography & Advertising Campaigns

Thanks to the creative office internal to the agency, you will have a 100% graphic support to your service.
We're specialized in the creation of adv campaigns, declining the message on every kind of support, from international press to web, from radio to tv.
And has been definitely R2, to invent a new type of tv communication: the billboard lasts five, ten or fifteen seconds, on screen before a television programme.
We make video including music selection, thanks to our experience in this field and to our very big musical archive.
We realize shootings in or outdoor, from casting to post production, with a particular attention to children’s ones.
We study brands, names, payoff and slogans; we project catalogues, adv posters, brochures, company profiles and advertising materials.


let know your brand doesn't mean only promote your image, but also develop it in different product's typologies, for example school, gift, stationery, intimates, beachwear, perfumery, accessories, helmets and every product which could be adaptable to your brand.
This is what R2 always proposes to its clients.
Take care of licencing accords is one of the activities we can do better.
Different licensing projects, that start from a clothing brand, are then divided in different product typologies; a product that, besides the economic benefit brings more visibility and notoriety to the licensed brand.



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